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So far there are 6 NPCs, each of them has different skills and goals. Most of the NPCs spawn randomly around the map, but some have their own biomes. Currently there are 4 extra biomes in the mod. Hunter is a player-friendly NPC that hunts animals and fights with monsters. It can spawn anywhere in the overworld dimension. Hunter is equipped with a wooden sword and wears a green shirt.

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When it's killed it may rarely drop his sword. Can be also spawned using green spawn egg.

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A neutral NPC that can build houses. Builder can be recognized by it's beige shirt and iron axe. If killed it can drop axe or helmet. If you rightclick on builder, a house will be spawned next to you.

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Can be spawned using yellow spawn egg. Fisherman is a neutral NPC that can catch fish. Actually he just kills the squids with his fishing rod. When killed, drops a fish or rarely his fishing rod. Can be spawned using blue and grey spawn egg. Citizen is a passive NPC who's AI and behaviour is quite similar to Villager's. You can trade stuff with them. But unlike the Villagers, Citizens live in the urban biomes that come with this mod. Depending on which city or town they live in, they may look different. Right now there male and female citizens from 2 races.

All citizens currently have green shirt, no matter in which biome they live in. In some very rare cases they may drop a diamond when killed. Citizens can be spawned using spawn eggs, there is a spawn egg for every different citizen. Ghost is hostile mob that spawns at night and can teleport, just like an enderman. It's pretty fast and can deal almost as big damage as enderman. When killed, drops a bone or emerald and XP can be earned.

Looks similar to other NPCs but it's black and white. Can be spawned using grey and cyan spawn egg. The newest mob yet. Knights are agressive NPCs that can attack any other NPC, mob, or the player.

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They are equipped with a iron sword and a shield. They spawn in a special biome near Castles and their main goal is to protect the castle warehouses from intruders. If the castle biome generates next to a town, they will raid the town and occupy it by killing all the residents. As they work together, they are not easy to beat.

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But in most cases they will stay in their own land. If killed, may drop their sword. Can be spawned using brown and grey spawn egg. Town is a biome in Civilization Mod with lots of houses. Since the "Cities Update" there are 3 types of towns: Jungle village, Town and City. All types have their own specifc ground block and colours, also the buildings are different for every type.

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All NPCs, except Knights can spawn in a city but the population of a city mostly consists of Citizens. Jungle village is a town biome with the lowest density of buildings, also there are no high buildings. Citizens in this biome are mostly dark-skinned.

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Town is the most common type of civilized biomes. Houses are made out of wood and cobblestone, just like in a vanilla village.

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City is the biome with biggest buildings. This one is also the rarest of civilized biomes.

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Fortress biome is a area with dark green grass where the castles and annex buildings generate. This is the only biome where the Knights spawn in.

If you use normal world generation settings, then there is usually 1-3 castles in one biome. The most common building near castles is the storage building where the valuable stuff is kept. Actually not a biome but a randomly generating structure, where nobody lives in. It can spawn anywhere on the map, including the oceans. Current version, added Fortresses and Knights, new textures, improved cities. Bugfix, Ghost npc added, compatible with 1. New npc-s (Fisherman and Citizen), Houses generation. If you have any questions then please reply in this thread or send a PM. All suggestions are welcome.

I just took the Minecraft Noob test! Check out what I scored. Think you can beat me?! I really like this mod - it contains some cool ideas that I have not seen elsewhere - people built houses, city biomes. However, it would need config files in an update in order to really be useful. Somehow, in my modded minecraft, when I add this mod, it starts to spawn over 10 citizens per chunk in city biomes, implying that there are an estimated 1000 citizens doing things within normal visibility, which causes a terrible lag.

Another thing would be to remove the tag "Civilization Mod version 0. If all mods would do that, you could not play Minecraft anymore. Just some ideas in case you plan further development. Hey me and my firends are using your mod on our private server and for whatever reason all npcs have become invisible including the knights who wont stop killing us and we cant fight back also the shear number of invisible mobs/npc that spawn in are causing lag. Just as a heads perhaps you could look into it and find a solution thanks the mod is a fun idea but havent been able to properly use it as the knights either kill us or we cant talk to or see the other invisible npcs.

If you are the developer of this mod. Could you please make it to where knights can be "bought" for gold or something so they are loyal to you? Like not follow you around, but not trying to kill you.

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So they still defend, and kill evil mobs, just not you. Вспомогательная библиотека CodeChickenLib, которая необходима для некоторых 3D текстур и рендеринга.

Ставим и забываем как обычно. Мод позволит отсортировать автоматически вещи в вашем инвентаре, что довольно удобно и экономит массу времени. Мод добавит в игру оборонительные сооружения в виде защитных пулемётов, или как в народе называют – Турели. Перед вами Dynamic Trees - который полностью изменит деревья в Майнкрафте. Теперь они смогут вырастать до больших размеров, а их поведение станет чуть реалистичным. Так как деревья теперь могут вырастать вокруг препятствий, будут сначала маленькими и потом начнут увеличиваться.

А рост и размер зависит от того, где расположены деревья.