The disc is legitimate,and it's completely unmarked. The original,not Forged Alliance. Watch popular Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance live streams on Twitch! Информация: Хоть и официальная поддержка Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance прекратилась, новые моды и карты не перестают течь.

Vergra Experimental Cruiser (T4) The Vergra is a massive ship designed to provide support and bombardment capabilities to a fleet.

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Any plane that flies near it is immediately swatted down with a powerful rapid-fire Losaare auto-cannon and a Sinn Unthe Cannon modified from the Ythotha. It is also equipped with a tactical nuke launcher and a Phason beam, adapted from the Ythotha. Note: Omni does not clear away the holograms as they are seen as real units!

Holograms will pass thru most structures. They can be targeted by both players and AI. Enemy units will attempt to engage them as if they were real units. Players can spot the holograms because they use a different shader then the "real" units. This is only true if the player has a true line of sight to the hologram as they can't be revealed via radar indirectly. This is why the players will have to "micro" their forces to ensure their forces are attacking the right units and not holograms.

When shot the holograms will disapear and the projectile will pass thru them harmlessly. Holograms are disrupted by the projectile passing thru them and do not give veterancy to the units attacking them. Note: Destroyed Holograms are instantly respawned by the jamming / parent unit. Holograms will attempt to patrol around the jamming unit that created them if it's a unit or they can be set to a targeted area to form a fake base. (Second part i havent started working on unit as the unit version is important to do first) Whats left to do: I have most of the scripting issues solved so far.

Only have to work on: -Hologram formations. (creating via script) -Unit / hologram collisions. (preventing so th holograms dont play bumper cars with each other) Please report any bugs or game play issues via GPGnet forums. Words for all you other players just look away and play and wait for someone to use this mod to make a new race.

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My tests, I can safely say that the AI WILL nuke you! So if you're like me and play on Supreme, build anti nukes lol. Don't bother trying to fly up the side of the mountain unless you fly up the ramps cause it will take way to long. Also, if you fly off the sides your ships will stay up very high which is also out of reach from ground units until they fly back down, I think SAM's can reach though. Let me know if it's good and maybe I'll upload more.

I know I will make more at least. Factions are compatible with each other. Also makes it possible to enable or disable new factions through the mod manager. Detailed info in the readme file included in the download. Mod that makes the commanders build everything in 1second. I did not add any high health like in my other mods 4 the first supcom. Have fun makeing big armies in mins. Size for a little navle battle in the middle, look at the screenshot to to get an idea of what kind of map it is.

Has few modified units to experimentals. Pluss changing of few wepons and stats. The type of game you like to play.

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For each race they have a engineering upgrade one branch gives you resource allocation and the other branch generally gives you more firepower, as well as upgrades build speed and tech level. And each of the other parts have different options for each race but they have mostly the same types of play for each race. Are equally shared between air and land combat, due to the lack of water naval combat is not possible here.

Level your units are at rather than guessing. The style for going up is different you have to get 4x the amount of health killed than your unit (is that right;)) or 4x damage taken. So your unit has 100 HP and if he takes 400 damage he goes up a level. Now I know that sounds. Odd but because the unit regens it all works out. Or if he gives 400 HP damage he goes up a level. Another cool feature is shields gens increase veterancy as they take damage as well their are also more changes read the readme.

Check every 5 second to keep the game from coming to a crawl. If a unit comes within range that isn't already enhanced, the PSU adds it to the table, adds a shield to that unit and bumps up it's own energy usage. Units that move out of range within the next check, have the shield destroyed, the unit removed from the PSU's table and the energy cost of the PSU lowered. If a unit is destoyed, it will be removed from the PSU's table upon the next check. (Simple and clean) -If the PSU is destroyed, all units held with the PSU's table have their shields destroyed.

Supreme Commander: Forged Allianceигра, 2007 год

Advantage to this is that a unit so enhanced can avoid a percentage direct fire weapons by allowing them to pass thru it harmlessly! While protected from direct fire projectiles, a Phased unit is still very vulnerable from laser weapons, damage over time weapons, and projectile with significant splash damage. T1 Units: 33% phasing, 33 energy cost T2 Units: 50% phasing, 50 energy cost T3 Units: 75% phasing, 75 energy cost Installation Install it the same way your other 4th Dimension files are installed. Notes This is a Beta mod it isn't an offical 4th-D release yet and Optimus has nothing to do with it directly.

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(He has given consent for me to release a Beta though) As such, please do NOT post about this mod within the regular 4th-D thread. All bugs and balance issues should be posted here. Thread, it was put together in a hurry.

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My version of the mod is now ready, I've named it "Time to tech". Thanks to Meredith by the way, our little brainstorm session was very useful!

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This name is not half as lame (if it is) as some of the other names I came up with. All players start with access to tech 1 only. As time passes progressing tech levels become available. Minutes after the game began a vote starts, to decide the time interval between progressing tech levels.

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There are 4 options to vote: 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and random. Notes - Only human players get to vote. When observing an AI game the time interval defaults to 15 minutes - This mod respects unit restrictions set in the lobby - It appears to work in conjunction with Phantom-N although I did not test this combination extensively - Didn't test online play over GPGnet Known bugs - Sorian AI 1. C (and possibly later versions) have a bug that cause the game to lock up after 4 to 15 minutes. Mod for FA and its here I included the PD from the past and added in one for the Seraphim.

Some of the things that I will be fixing in the future are more balance adding the shields and maby adding an experimental unit to the Seraphim cause they only have 3 and the rest have 4;) that's about it leave me some ideas at the bottom and I will look into them. But this is nice) but realy this is a cool update it adds the [b][u]seraphim! I dont care:p)other then that who cares really? Ok well if you do care it fixes some bugs with the uef weapons (not sure what but oh well. A manual attack bug (I thought this was teh uef bug.

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For this mod it fixed an error that he had missed in the last version that made the mod unplayable. For more information about this mod cause frankly I am not cut out do explain this mod cause it is very complicated. You can look [url="//forums. Middle along with 2 hydrocarbons each person gets 1 hydrocarbon near their starting point and 4 mexes. There is tons of mass in the middle and there are 4 hydros. It is in beta because it crashes the game at the loading screen.

If anyone can find the solution please post it an the gaspowered games forums. Proper credit will be given.

It made me wait 15 min to download this cause I had just downloaded the non extreme edition of this mod. Note to author next time just upload it to ff:D. Ya new guns bug fix and compatibility with black ops:o ([url="//supremecommander. On main cannons Muzzle Velocity on Main cannons is now 50 Scathis: Now costs 81,000 Mass 945,000 energy to build Buildtime is now 27,000 Firing randomness is now 0. Markers or no rush circles yet, but as I said this is the authors first map and we should look forward to more of his maps on the site.

Range but lower bonus the longer it is. The all purpose slider control factory toggle ect. Gif[/img] nav-replays. Gif[/img] nav-map. Gif[/img] nav-host_game. This has not been extensively tested and I have not yet gotten to Hex5, so please excuse me if this doesn\'t work. I am not a modder by any means, only someone trying to make a quick fix.