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Uninstalling it makes windows genuine again? Ive extracted it to my destop and ran it as administrator,but it does not reboot. Excuse me, I don't know how to personalize panel 1. Silent install to where get personalize panel uninstall? Please, Thank you for information me. Thanks for this application!

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Just installed it, and it works fine so far. But "after a week it stop working" issue on the previous comment worries me. Anyone have any idea why I can't get this to install on a HP Mini netbook? I ran it on an Acer Aspire netbook and it installed no problem (and works beautifully, yes! Both netbooks are Windows 7 Starter.

On the Acer I see it in CCleaner's installed programs list (X PROJECT Personalization Panel 1. No matter how times I run it on the HP it never installs nor shows as installed in CCleaner. I'm running the install with avast anti-virus disabled (and avast never reports it on restart nor nothing in it's chest).

I'm running the installer as Administrator and the user profile is Administrator as well. I tried it with a different Administrator account.

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I also checked "personalize" in regedit via a search and it's not returning anything. The only difference I know of between the two netbooks is the HP had Personalization Panel DWB v2. Installed on it but it's been uninstalled (and isn't showing as installed). I have genuine windows 7 home basic on my laptop hp 1000, will installation of aero 1. Make it pirated, i mean will windows still remain genuine or not?

Патч Windows 7 Starter Aero включает эффект Aero

Your Windows will be considered as pirated after aeropatch. You can use the "" software instead of aeropatch. Personalization panel will preserve your Windows genuine. Thank you for your amazing woorks! After run as administor i rebooted the computer manually and after that BYONG! Update== regarding my not being able to get this to work with a HP mini, I did a hard drive Recovery using the netbook reinstall to factory setup, then ran all the MS updates, including SP1, then installed the Patch 1. I installed your patch and it works great.

But the first time I tried to Change a theme it wouldnt work an said "This page is not. " but when i clicked the windows upgrade link below windows explorer hung up and now I got allthe themes including some third party themes I had installed earlier! Thank you for your amazing work but i'm just wondering if can windows 7 home basic theme can be turned into fully glass like everything seems to be transparent because whenever i try to apply the fully glass theme, there will be an error and it says that 'index was outside the bound of the array". I can only apply semi glass theme. Though at first applying fully glass theme works but then it follows the error and defaults theme into win98 mode.

Aero Patch W7Starter and Basic

At first it did not work, and had to reboot my netbook twice, still wasnt working for me. I even tried going through Computer>rightclick>Properties>Advance System Settings>Performance> Data Execution Prevention - to bypass the aero patch just to try and see if it works but no luck. Use visual styles on windows and buttons. Then went on to the Services and made sure that The Desktop Window Manager Session Manager and Themes Services need to be set as Started and Automatic. It only gave me two option Stop and Restarted, so I hit Restarted and voila!

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The first time I tried this patch, it worked and I had Personalization Panel installed with it but then I removed everything from my netbook because I wanted to give Linux a try. Now, Personalization Panel works fine but whenever I try the patch, when I reboot my netbook I end up getting that dreaded blue screen and I have to get Windows to repair whatever happened. This is really frustrating because this happens whether Personalization Panel is installed or not. Windows 7 starter/home basic.

Windows 7 Aero Patch 10 - активация эффектов AERO

Have windows color theme it. Cannot use the personalise option after installing this. Did I do some thing wrong?

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I'm also having trouble with this. Just installed on x86 win 7 starter. It says corrupt file how is that? THANKS FOR YOUR REPLIES! Net book Came With 1GB it was slow even on win 7 basic theme. So i asked him to order some and he did so now i just have to put ram in my dad put an extra GB of ram into this netbook now my netbook has 2GB of ram. It has two prcesssor my dad bough one when i got it. I Though it had an installen, but it dint so i opened it and kept on opening it haha but at the last time, it worked. I Went To The Desktop, And Peronlation Was There!

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My Netbook Did Not Restart, Or Anything i was able to perzonlish. After uninstalling the patch, my personalization panel it's gone. I installed it but where can i get more themes? And does 3d themes are available in this?

Aero Patch W7Starter and Basic

After uninstalling this patch, will windows again become genuine? The aero worked but I don't have the personalization panel?

Can i use this for enable aero in windows 8? Becuase when i setup aero turner software my system crash. Thank you it works perfectly in seven home basic. But i had problems with windows (not because of aero path) and had to do "sfc /scannow".

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When i restarted pc the path did not work anymore but the personalization button was still there. When i clicked it, windows said aero was not enabled in basic version. The problem is when i tried to reinstall it, because is known that to uninstall aero path all you have to do is run it again.

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I tried to install again but nothing happened. The button was still there but did not work. So i tried the "previous" version and then button disapeared. I restarted and tried to install again.

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In the end i had to restore system to a very previous point, run sfc /scannow and then reinstall the path. All im trying to say is that there should be two separated files in the path. One to install and the other only to uninstall.

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Because what if windows update causes that problem too? Thank you so much friend for this patch. Hi i just instalet it and my laptop now show me a bluescreen with this error, 0x00000131, its there a solution for it? Exe" ad Administrator, it asks for UAC prompt. When i click on YES, nothing happens. I wasn't care about Uninstall our Personalization Panel and Personalization panel DWM controller sowtare if they was installed. They are incompatible with Aero Patch, then because I like this, I will reinstall this patch after uninstall the personalization panel.

The bug is the system color scheme was not shown (I ignored that), however, working with things like AeroRainbow and Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer is nice at all. Hey im interested in using the patch. As i can see all the reviews are positive. Bt i hav a question (may b sum1 has already askd it. Does it affects the genuinity of windows. Sorry for bad english or on windows update, does any problem occure?

Habilite o efeito Aero, a aplicao de temas e o painel Personalizar do Windows 7 nas verses Starter e Home Basic

Now, after reinstall Windows, I download this patch again. I Like like like like like like This Program! Love all mans Made this PrOgRaM! Please upload screenshots to //imgur.