Патч включает в себя все предыдущие DLC и. Программа для просмотра и редактирования nif-файлов (модели в Morrowind, Oblivion, Civilization IV, Freedom Force и некоторых других играх). Данное обновление содержит все изменения, реализованные в патчах 1. В системе Steam опубликовано официальное обновление для игры Fallout: New Vegas (разработчик — Obsidian Entertainment; зарубежный издатель — Bethesda Softworks).

UP+ also includes several unique fixes which you won't find elsewhere.

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The "Stimpak's Taken" stat will increment if you use a Stimpak other than the regular variant, e. Added a customisable hotkey to immediately cancel VATS playback, for those situations when it bugs and leaves you vulnerable for long periods of time.

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The Mr Gutsy in the Nipton tinkerer's house will no longer respawn (fix contributed by). Project Nevada does it again with its needlessly complex changes. The supplied patch makes UP+'s changes to the Y-7 Implant work alongside Project Nevada, in addition to patching conflicting aid items. (technically not required, but highly recommended). You will be notified if any of the NVSE dependencies are missing. Load this mod after YUP, and high up in your load order. If possible, load this after YUP's NPC fixes file: it will not make much difference if you have to load it before, you'll just lose a couple of minor changes to Lobotomites.

You can always use to patch this if you wish. If you're using, load UP+ before it. Unofficial Patch Plus - Project Nevada Patch. JSawyer Ultimate - Project Nevada Patch. This mod can be uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game. Many fixes included in UP+ are scripted and so will not conflict with anything in most cases.

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Loading UP+ high will mean other mods will 'win' where the two mods change the same record, which will avoid most problems, even though it means you'll lose UP+'s fix. I recommend that mod authors copy forward fixes from UP+ in the same way as they would for YUP. If you use a mod which includes a fix which is also replicated in UP+, you may see duplicate effects.

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For example, if you use another mod which adds the missing Sierra Madre return recipes, there will be two sets of recipes in the menu. The only way to fix these issues is to use a compatibility patch, or for the other author to simply remove the fix so there's no issue to begin with. Preferably I'd want to avoid making loads of compatibility patches as these take time to make and just clutter load orders and cause confusion. I'd rather this mod become the 'hub' for such fixes and for other mod authors to delegate them to UP+, in much the same way as YUP is considered the de-facto bug fix mod for conventional bug fixes.

That way, it's simpler for everyone.

Скачать Fallout: New Vegas - Update 7 SKiDROW через torrent

I'm happy to take suggestions for changes which should be included in UP+, just be prepared to justify your reasoning. Also keep in mind that I want to keep this as purely bug-fixy as possible, and not stray too far into gameplay changes. If you think a certain fix shouldn't have been included in UP+ then you're free to explain why, and I'll take it on board. Just keep things civil, ok?

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The following authors' work was used as inspiration for many of the fixes included in UP+, so all the relevant credit goes to them. I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received. Fallout: New Vegas - Трейлер дополнения Lonesome Road (с русскими субтитрами). И хотя в первый же вечер после релиза к игре вышел патч на четверть гигабайта — все равно в эту Пустошь Журнал "Игромания" Прочее (патчи, журналы, русификаторы) Crysis: запуск на Windows 7 с DX9 d3d9.

Dll для оптимизации игры в Fallout: New Vegas. Ну что ж, уже спустя несколько часов игры в Fallout: New Vegas этот ассоциативный журнала. И хотя в первый же вечер после релиза к игре вышел патч на четверть гигаба. Fallout: New Vegas: ID Еда, Журналы, Медикаменты и т. Fallout Tactics; 5 Fallout 3; 6 Fallout: New Vegas; 7 Fallout 4; 8 И прочие а также в юго-западной части (Fallout: New Vegas) бывших Соединённых Штатов. К тому же, есть перк, после которого журналы дают по +20. Частично исправлено патчем, но всё равно лучше пользуйтесь.

Skill magazines) — предметы Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout: New Vegas - Трейлер дополнения Lonesome Road (с русскими субтитрами). И хотя в первый же вечер после релиза к игре вышел патч на четверть гигаба More 18. Лучшие моды, плагины и дополнения для New Vegas с качественным русским переводом. Глобальный мод-проект для Fallout New Vegas, который переносит игровой мир популярной.

Unofficial Patch Plus

Всего файлов; 166 Всего категорий; 499 Всего авторов; 9 659 944 Всего загрузок. Требования: 7й патч для Fallout: New Vegas - и само дополнение Old World Blues Команда переводчиков: Exotic, Esed Прочее (патчи, журналы, русификаторы) Кол-во: 7, суммарный размер: 928,803, файл-лист. New feature: system save is automatically created prior to endgame sequence. After credits, user is prompted to load save game. This will allow single save players to play DLC without creating a new game. Script fix to restore destroyed ED-E.

This should address issues players have with attempting to use certain companions (e. Rex) or when the player needs to clear his or her companions before entering an area (e. New “Companion Dismissal Terminals” added to Gun Runners and Lucky 38. These will allow players with lost companions from earlier patches to force-fire if they are experiencing problems attempting to get into DLC or areas that prevent companions from entering.

Massive world optimizations in major areas for better stability/performance with multiple DLCs installed. Players can now have six or more DLCs installed without encountering an infinite “loading DLC” message on startup. Fixed case where recruited Remnants were hostile to player during HD battle on Independent and House paths.

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They will still turn hostile if you shoot them too much though. Fixed rare instance where Cachino turned hostile on the player if player attacks Big Sal/Nero prior to Cachino entering the room. Fixed instance where Boone would constantly holster his rifle in combat if player had lost rep with the NCR. Veronica no longer waits for player to speak to her before leaving after Hidden Valley is destroyed. Vulpes (and Alerio) now properly forcegreet if you somehow fast travel before their initial forcegreet fires. New Vegas will only mention failed NCR attack on Powder Gangers if Troopers are dead and Eddie is alive.

Fixed case where player could break quest with Orris if they fast traveled after he shoots thugs, but before forcegreet. Player can no longer isolate the BoS virus by hitting “isolate virus” three times on a single console.

Патч 7 для игры Fallout: New Vegas

Massive optimizations in Westside, North Vegas and The Thorn. Improves AI pathing and performance with high uptimes. Moved teleport doors on The Strip so NPCs don’t collide with players or other actors that stand in front of doors. Ethel, Walter, and the Station Merchant no longer wander or patrol to avoid collisions with other NPCs.

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Modified Legion and NCR hit-squad NPCs to use new level lists. They now have a smoother leveling curve that takes into account new level caps. Cazador Poison Effect sound no longer plays globally if someone, somewhere gets stung. Only plays if the player is hit. Fix for companions going into unconscious/conscious cycle over and over again when stung with Cazador poison.

Seconds, doing 18 points of damage per second. It is, in fact, even deadlier than the normal version, but lasts 1/4 as long. In hardcore mode or against the player, poison remains 30 seconds/5 damage per second. Hit the Deck and Stonewall now properly work with player’s weapon condition.

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Hit the Deck is now +25 DT vs. Adjusted Deathclaw fatigue to make them less exploitable with certain attacks. Inconsistent health values for Deathclaws were also corrected (in favor of stronger Deathclaws).

Added Followers of the Apocalypse supplies to three areas of Hoover Dam if you gain their support and fight on independent or NCR paths. This also enables the FoA + NCR "good" ending through Julie Farkas. Fixed issue where Aba Daba Honeymoon wouldn’t update if the player was running O My Papa simultaneously.

Unofficial Patch Plus

Yes-Man now checks both Loyal and Pearl’s status before the player can tell him the Boomer leaders are dead. Removed “Intelligence” flag from Int<=2 check at REPCONN HQ, as engine doesn’t support checks that low. Fixed scripting on Lonesome Drifter barter check so player doesn’t get next objective with Tommy Torini if they fail. Return to Yes-Man” objective no longer reopens if player tells him to go to Lucky 38 in Wild Card: Change in Management. Fixed scripting for For the Republic II where exposing Karl would prematurely complete the objective to destroy the Khans.

Fixed rare instance where player could be control-locked if loading an autosave created while lockpicking a transition door. Fixed issue where looping reload weapons would get stuck, causing VATS camera to point to the ground.

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Новая версия неофициального патча v3. Для Fallout: New Vegas. Да, это РЕПАК COMMUNITY PATCH, которые есть на Nexus'е, но со своими плюшками, о которых читайте в пунктах ниже. В эту версию включены абсолютно все фиксы с Nexus'a, кроме одного: не включён фикс бага при котором Вероника иногда застывает на месте после завершения своего персонального квеста. Я не включил этот фикс потому, что автор фикса добавляет в инвентарь бутылку с надписью «фикс для квеста Вероники», и вам надо её выпить при появлении бага. Аттрибут и расширение файла я сменил с ESP на ESM, чтобы избежать конфликтов с модами (раньше патч благополучно переписывал мой мод на бесконечные патроны, к примеру).

Это значит что теперь фиксы всегда будет грузиться в первую очередь, а моду поверх них. Само собой мой сочный автоматический инсталлятор. Всё очень грамотно и хорошо сделано, никаких вирусов или рекламы. После патча в игре будет меньше багов! А) Запускаем Hex Editor (может получится и блокнотом, не пробовал). Б) Открываем в нём сэйв просящий контент. В) Ищем в поисковике «esp» - получаем список активных на момент сейва модов.

Всё, теперь сейв не будет искать патч, вместо него, сейв будет ссылаться на гланый модуль, и даже убрав патч, треклятое сообщение вы не увидтите. Описание: "New Vegas Bounties I" первая часть в запланированной серии для Fallout: New Vegas. После начала квеста Вам будет поручено выслеживание самых злобных и гнусных преступников в пустоши Мохаве. В моде Вы вспомните схожих персонажей из Fallot 3, Маршал К. Ru/patches/item/patches-for-sims3/unipatch. Для игры The Sims 3 и ее аддонов. Предназначен для офлайн обновления лицензионной игры и аддонов с любой версии. Патчит: The Sims™ 3, до версии 1.

The Sims™ 3 Мир приключений (TS3: WA), до версии 2.